Jaguar 12kmi oil changes

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Apr 12, 2003
Irvine or Berkeley, Ca
My mom's car is a 2000 Jaguar XJ8 that recommends 1year/12k miles oil changes! With the type of driving she does I told her to change it more often. The dealer said they put synthetic in the engine everytime there is an oil change done (no idea what kind, I will call and find out soon). What does everyone suggest? The filter according to my mom's invoice after getting her oil changes there said the filter was $15! The oil I belive was $5 a quart and needed 8 quarts (how much does this car really need?). The best was the drain plug gasket costs over $3! Enough to say I will be doing the rest of her oil changes for her. Now back to the oil suggestions this car does not get many miles put on it as my mom works less than 3 miles from our house so the car raley gets warmed up (although I advise her to let it warm a little for the oils sake). It does get highway miles etc whenever she goes somewhere. What oil should I be putting in this car? I'm guessing Mobil 1 10w-30 would be good or perhaps Redline if I'm going the extended drain intervals. What filter? Mobil 1 sounds nice, but I'm curious asto who manufactures the Jaguar filter.
Purolator makes an oil filter for the XJ8 for around 9 bucks(L15317),probably cheaper if you shop around.That 12K 1 year interval sounds crazy and way too long to me.I don't know how some people can buy a car so exspensive but totally cheap out when it comes to oil changes with the thing [Mad] .Try to find out what viscosity oil this model Jag calls for and then decide.BTW does your mother put more than 12K miles on the car a year?
I suspect the car will be just fine on 12k with synthetic oil. I don't know the exact specs on the AJ-V8 engine but 8 quarts sounds reasonable. My old Jag V12 took more than that. $15 for a green-box filter doesn't surprise me, even NAPA filters on my V12 were $9. Relax, the car's fine. [Smile] Cheers, 3MP
I agree with 3MP. As long as a good synthetic is used, 12k or 1 year should be fine. (I'd definitely find out what oil they are using, however. If it's domestic made Castrol Syntec, I wouldn't go 12k without sampling at about 6k and doing a UOA.)
00 scrub, Are you kidding me?! [freaknout] I would kill to get an 8 qt sump on my 2.0L, 4-cyl, turbocharged engine! [Burnout] My car holds only 4 qts, & we also do mostly short trips (95% under 10mi), & the Mobil 1 0W-40 is holding up pretty well at the 7mo/5k mi mark. That Jag engine should go 1yr/12k mi easily with that volume of oil, regardless of driving style. In my opinion, that interval sounds right-on for the type of driving your mom's doing, & way too short for anything else. Check the car's manual for oil recommendations, but my suggestion would be 8 qts of Mobil 1 0W-40. It meets the most stringent ratings in the industry from the most demanding European car manufacturers, so it probably meets Jaguar's as well. This should be a "fill-&-forget" oil for both you & your mom.
I too would love to have an 8 quart capacity in my car! In this case it could be a bit of a hindrence though, with such short trips. Even if she did 10 mile drives to work, the oil probably wouldn't get up to full operating temperature with such a large sump.
Hey, how come no one is recommending oil analysis?! My cousin's '01 325i (2.5L inline six) killed 7 quarts of BMW's synthetic oil in 5,000 miles; TBN was marginal at 1.6! And according to European Castrol websites, this oil is "voll" synthetic (not hydrocracked). His commute is 6 miles of city streets and 6 miles back, longer than this Jaguar's. I'd say get an analysis done halfway through Jaguar's interval, just to be sure! Jason
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