J-turn and steering alignment

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Oct 3, 2008
Long story short, my sat nav wasn't updated and I ended up on a one way street. Instead of doing the usual 3-point turn, I did a J-turn to be quick (advanced driver). That said, I have to very slightly turn the wheel to the left to go in a straight line. I only noticed it after the manoeuvre. Taking it in for an alignment this afternoon...but I was wondering if it's actually the J-turn that caused this. It's either this or the better half ended up hitting a curb or something, which I don't know about.
Well, from my experiance with my old car, when I did j-turns in a parking lot I was able to drive normally. When I smacked a curb I had to keep it turned right to go straight.
Take a hard turn the other direction, first. See if that fixes it. All sorts of parts can shift or bend under high instantaneous loading.
Thanks, mechtech! I already had the alignment done yesterday, but I'll bear that in mind for next time...although I hope I won't need to for a long while!
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