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Jan 29, 2005
St. Thomas Ontario
1 oz. of IXL from the guy next door solved a sticking hyd. valve lifter on my garden tractor. The lifter would tick untill the engine warmed up but does not anymore. Is this stuff any good? They say to put it in everything! At $30 a litre it is expensive. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it safe? Is it snake oil? Thanks Roger
I read their site. Sounds a lot like Militec (chlorinated esters). It does say that it can be used in coolant however, which is strange. Website says nothing about not containing chlorine, so that is my guess. The question then becomes - how good is their anti-corrosive package? (Militec's is less than confidence building.)
Material Safety Datasheets Available On Request
I don't like this. Why not just post it on the website? Makes me think they don't want something to be common knowledge. I'm trying MT-10 (chlorinated paraffin) from MPC right now because I have used their stand alone products without a trace of rust or problems. So far so good in all the lubricants in my vehicles. Engine UOA's to come soon.
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