I've tried, but I can't figure why Toyota wants the oil cap on this way

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Mar 9, 2006
Agrestic, CA
This is taken from my 2002 Toyota Tundra Shop manual. It seemed important enough to illustrate the orientation of the oil filler cap. Anyone know why it should be perpendicular to the bumper? Other than for Feng Shui, I can't see a reason why this is important.

Maybe there's a bend in the dipstick that will cause it to break off if not installed in the proper orientation. You'll be sorry then.

Originally posted by Tosh:
Maybe there's a bend in the dipstick that will cause it to break off if not installed in the proper orientation. You'll be sorry then.

I am not sure I understand.

The dipstick is not connected to the oil filler cap on this vehicle, if that is what you are talking about.
I'd say that it prevents the non mechanically inclined from failing to turn it to fully engage the threads.
If you drive at freeway speeds the cap can be blown around and around and will come off. Toyota has a TSB about this and there has been recall for aerodynamic oil fill cap failures, it's T100-21 dated on Jan 11, 2002. The caps have a stronger spring, now, and the problem has been fixed. Mechanics have been cautioned to check the cap and install the updated version, if needed. In some cases you will get an error code because of the vacuum leak created by running the engine without the cap, ER-12.11. This is referenced in the Toyota Master Mechanics refresher course outline, dated March 3, 2005. These cautions do not apply to the Sequoia after March 1, 2005 or any V8 4Runner, as they came equipped with the updated oil fill cap from the factory. Remember, as stated in the TSB, turn the cap until you hear it click once, they continue to turn it until you have it in the correct alignment. If you do your own oil changes, you can stop at your nearest Toyota dealer and have them confirm that you have the updated cap and that you know how to properly align it. Also besure you insert the dipstick correctly and have the raised high/low markers pointed away from the engine block. Pleas refer to TSB 100-03.
I just could not resist it....., and now I think that I'm going to spend the day restacking my oil stash and lighting a candle. Tomorrow I'm going to Wally World and check out their oil selection. If you're in Vista, California you can join me between 5:30 and 6:00PM. I'll ask the manager if they will supply some cokes and hotdogs.
This is now the funniest current thread on BITOG.

Good one Larry. I think the guy with the dipstick comment was serious, but I'm not sure.

I think it is Japanese aesthetics thing. Feng shui is Chinese and beleive simple gifts is correct....
My suspicion is that one of Toyota's tech writers actually has a spark of creativity and perhaps even, humor. He's been slaving away for them writing page after page of dull, boring technical stuff, and finally couldn't help himself any longer, so he added this little zinger. . .

By the way, my wife's Sequoia has the same engine, and same oil filler neck that protrudes up like the one in the picture, above. I've noticed that we get at least an extra 1.5 mpg better when we install the oil filler cap in the aerodynamic orientation, as pictured. You put that thang on perpendicular to your line of motion, and all sorts of bad things happen.
Does the top of the oil filler tube have a couple of slots in it and does the cap have a couple tabs that you have to align with the slots, pushing the tabs down through the slots and then turning the cap tight?. If so, and you do this, is the cap then positioned as in your picture? If so, if the cap is not so positioned then you probably put the cap on without pushing the tabs through the slots and the cap is not on properly and could come off. I suspect that this might be the answer to your question. Let us know.
Gee, I thought you BITOG people knew everything

I kind of figured I would get this response, pretty much sums up what I thought - it makes no difference. Just figured I would shoot it by y'all to see if someone knew this random tidbit of trivia. LarryL, you kill me

I work for a very large Japanese company and I have been in meetings with senior level directors that have spent 5 minutes discussing what color a group of numbers on a spreadsheet should be. This oil cap illustration aligns itself with the over attention to meaninless details that I have experienced in my tenure with Japanese companies. Maybe that is why I have a Japanese truck, that level of attention to detail does manifest itself in their quality (in my extremely humble opinion - I don't want to start another tired domestic vs. import thread), but as I said many times the detail is meaningless.

I'll chalk it up to that and move on with my life
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