I've never seen a Prius stretch before

Oct 7, 2012
Staten Island, NY


Ignore the PA plates, this was Elmhurst, Queens NY

Who wants an Uber Pool ?

For when you want a limo ride through time square and all through Manhattan, but you also care about the environment :D

How they got the HV wiring and cooling system working I've got no idea

It seems like something my Cuban fore-bearers would've made with pride🇨🇺

Prius + Limo = Primo?
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Interesting body line there, in that center door. Wonder if they did anything to add some power, or if they just live with the reduced acceleration (it's a limo after all).

Without getting up close to see the quality of work, I can admire it for the work done. Certainly unique, and sometimes that is all that one wants out of a car. Am guessing wiring and cooling lines were probably trivial compared to the metal work, if I had to guess (longer wires and longer hoses).
I saw a k-car limo back in the day.

The HV battery is air cooled, so no problems there.

No driveshaft or extra carrier bearings to deal with. Just wires, exhaust, and fuel / brake/ evap lines.

It's probably slow to get going but the aero... even the messed up aero... will be ok at speed.

Then you've got typical (FWD) limo issues of turning radius, Ackerman angle, more work for the HVAC system...