I've been infected by the GC virus

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Mar 14, 2005
Mobile, AL
I've been hanging around here too much lately and wouldn't you know it; I know have 6 quarts of GC M04 batch sitting in the garage. I went up to autozone with an advanced auto parts ad with Castrol Syntec advertised at $3.97 just so I could get some Syntec 5w-40 for my new VW GLI and before I knew it I was digging through the GC searching for the green stuff. Next thing I knew I was at home with the five quarts of the 5w-40 that I went up there for plus six quarts of the magical green GC. I have no idea what i'm going to use it in. I might use it in the GLI, but kinda worry about warranty issues even though it's VW502 approved. VW seems to like you to use 5w-40 or 5w-30 in some cases. On the other hand I don't really feel that the elves would get to work all their magic in the wifes 03 Neon. Help! Is there any known treatment or cure for this sickness?
My owners manual says as long as the oil used meets ONE any of the the following criteria, it is acceptable to use in my vehicle. The list includes European, SAE, API and other certifications. I believe as long as it says VW502 on the bottle and they can't prove the failure was lubrication related (which it won't be if you use either oil at the prescriped OCI) then you have nothing to worry about.
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