iTunes update "?"

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
might be a really dumb "?", but don't want to take any risks. My iTunes tells me that there's a new version (6.0.5) available. If I download and run/install the new version, will it seamlessly integrate into the current version that I already have, with all my songs and playlists, or will i have to import all the songs again? I read the itunes tutorials on the topic "updates", but this "?" was not answered anywhere. (I guess some of these updates are important, 'cause they have an effect even on the battery life of the ipods, I've heard.)
Yes. It is a seamless update. iTunes 6.05 addresses a security issue. It's strongly suggested to move to 6.05. Just an FYI...don't install the "latest" version of Quicktime as iTunes include the newest & proper version for iTunes to work properly. QT is the engine that drives iTunes. I learned this the hard way [Smile] .
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