It's Time to Face the Facts: We Aren't BMW's Target Market Anymore

Jun 13, 2022
Road and Track

I remember when BMW introduced the F-XX series of vehicles, magazines questioned whether these vehicles deserved to wear the roundel; I believe in 2015 the 5 series lost their crown to the Lexus GS in comparos (although truth be told, BMW won the sales game/crown). Some of the owners/reviewers felt BMW stopped building great analogue cars and began designing digital video games labelled as cars with their EPS units taking away steering feel, and go fast and/or handle a corner parts became part of packages or options.

Has BMW decontented vehicles from coming standard with the "sheer driving pleasure" ethos, or is this just a misguided click generating story?
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Well, BMW is trying to court a new clientele, one much less interested in driving dynamics.
One that isn’t like us.

That's rich from a company that dumped their monthly magazine and now you have to view content on a screen. They didn't ask their subscribers if they were ok with THAT.
Works just fine on my end.
I'm not making it up,

Would would they? If they're seeing the number of hard copy subscriptions dwindling down, it's pretty clear.
Maybe because after paying for a 3 year subscription to a printed copy, they shouldn't have cut that in half, at least not without issuing a refund. And how much does it cost them to print a copy, a dollar or two? Would gladly have paid that extra charge if given the choice.

I know you're not making it up. I was just trying to say that the problem is on your end (your connection, your device, etc.)
Well, seeing that SOMETHING does appear in the link from their site would make me think the connection is ok as well as my computer, no?
I remember when BMW don't have a 'target market'. It was about 1970 and a bought I new one from a Mercedes dealer in Chicago because BMW had no dealer network. If anybody wants to get up to speed on the origins of BMW in America check this out.

Mine was just like this one, same color. I liked it so much that later I purchased another one.

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All these links load but I cannot read the article. Won’t scroll for me.