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Sep 20, 2005
I want to use the GC I have waiting for my dakota. but dont want to waste the M-1 I have in it now. the elves are now speaking to me saying drain it. drain it now. you know you want too. I thought if I put a quart in my push mower (by the way it ran great. I love it) I thought I could quiet them down. but no they still speaking to me. what to do [freaknout] . also want to do a UOA on the M-1 but need more niles on it. think I am at 2,000 at the most right now. changed it back in sept. what should I do. go ahead and drain the oil and put the GC in and make the elvish gods happy or wait till I get to 36,000 (400 miles away).then change it as thats my target. I do mostly local driving to and from work thats 3 miles round trip. then change it as thats my target and will be 3,000 miles. the oil has started to change color on the dip stick.
Drain the M1 and save for lawnmower lubrication:) Fill Dakota with GC.... Problem solved....everybody and everything is happy. This from one Dakota R/T owner to another by the way...  -
my mower already has gc in it and I might be able to go for about 2 years on it. would the used M-1 still be good for sitting around for that long. still have a 5qt jug of used M-1 sitting around. do you use GC in your 5.9?
Sometimes...I have like 40-50 qts of LS1 didn't like it very I put it in the R/T on ocassions....have Pennzoil Platinum in it right now....but I will use up the GC in it eventually...... I was saying I would drain the M1 in your truck now and save it...using it for the yard will still be long as you put it into a moisture proof container....
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