it's in pretty good shape

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Jun 15, 2003

The interior could use a little work, other than that I don't see what you guys are laughing at??? Here in da South that is a Jewel.
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looks like a couple of dudes puked on it over the years

Yay-yah. Nice and broken in.
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At least it's not on blocks.......

Well maybe it was 5 minutes before the pics were taken.....

Yeah ..had to take away the skirting too ..curtains down ..
With OP being from the north, the statement "in good shape" can go either way. Humor but intrigue at the same time. There are lots of cars abandoned daily in California that are downright cherished in other states and in Canada. I'm partial to merkurs, which are trashed because of nothing more than electrical (the tried and true 2.3 ford engine sure isnt what brings them down) Then they sit and rot, not even from being driven. I know of some sad stories of examples under 60k miles given up on. Id bring another orphan home but I love my lady too much to do such a thing!
Those things are getting rarer by the day - I don't see what's funny about it. Someone will snap it up, fix it up with a nice 340/360, and everyone will be drooling over it.

Most just aren't able to do the work required, so they can't see the 'diamond in the rough..'
I can get a flight from here to LAX for $239. Not that hard to escape rust!
Having recently been in Rochester and Buffalo I can now appreciate "rust free" cars. I will never buy a car that has been north of the Mason-Dixon. Makes me laugh at all the folks here that rinse the undercarriage after our annual 3 inches of snow.
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