It is Hard to Compare Oils

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Jan 9, 2005
Sarasota, Florida
2 Labs, same virgin oil. No wonder it is hard to compare. This is Mobil One 0W-20. aehaas Iron__________<1__________1 Chromium _____<1__________0 Nickel ________<1__________0 Aluminum ______3__________1 lead __________<1__________0 Copper ________<1_________0 Tin ___________<1__________0 Silver ________<.1__________0 Titanium ______<1__________0 Silicon ________4___________3 Boron ________247_________161 Sodium _______15__________5 Potassium ____<10_________0 Molybdenum __ 164_________58 Phosphorus __1375________ 642 Zinc ________ 1328________672 Calcium _____ 3456________2013 Barium ______<10_________NA Magnesium ____53_________17 Antimony _____<30________NA Vanadium _____<1_________NA Fuel %Vol _____0__________0 Wtr %vol ______0__________0 Vis 100C ____9.0 cS________Visc 210F 55.3 SUS Gly test ______NEG_______NEG TBN _________9.87_______not done
From the trends lately I can tell who made each. The main indicator is how viscosity is measured. The other is the low elemental readings on the right column. Something isn't right there and I have not sent out my used oil for analysis because of that but have it labeled and stored until I can figure out where to send it [I dont know]
Something is whacked with the first column - zddp way off. Lab must've sent the wrong report. I often wonder how many they process in a day and what is the chance of error.
I've been saying this for awhile. From one lab to the next it can vary so much. We see it all the time with Blackstone/Avlube Etc. Makes it hard to tell. [Confused]
Were both Labs aware that these were virgin oil samples? It'd be fun to doctor the color of the samples to make them look used and try again. [Big Grin] [ March 16, 2005, 08:37 PM: Message edited by: 427Z06 ]
Hmmm...just was a victim of the Forum double posting on me. Bad, bad, software...needs to be spanked and put to bed without dinner. [Big Grin]
The left-hand lab was told the sample was virgin, but the right-hand specimen was unlabeled. The right-hand lab stated in their analysis that it looked like a virgin analysis. I forgot to mention that this is the "old" SL oil. What did Mobil claim was their Zn level? aehaas
I just picked up some 0w-20 I found at PepBoys. Regarding ZDP levels, Mobil has been below 1,000 for at least 2-years now. They were around 850-950 ppm about 2 years ago or so. The last year they have been around 700 ppm P/800 Zn
The left column is totally whacked. The zddp levels could have never been present in an SL, API oil. Under 1000 for zinc and phosphorus for sure.
A VOA 12/12/04 from Butler cat I saved showed: Mo 52 or 82 (blurry) Na 10 B 226 Ca 3199 Mg 22 P 1020 Zn 1144 Vis cSt 100C 9.5
Thanks for the additional report ebaker. One thing is for sure, use only one lab for all your tests. And you should always send in a control oil as well. As stated several times before, get serial tests to follow the trend. A single test, even a "bad" one should be followed by another in fewer miles. The trend is very important. aehaas
This oil is 2 - 3 years old. OK, 1200 may be high but certainly 600 is too low. Does anybody know what they claim to have put in there? aehaas
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