Isuzu Rodeo Oil Consumption

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Aug 4, 2003
Tomahawk, Wisconsin
My Brother, You know "Ray" owns a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo.
It uses 1.3 Litres of oil per 1K miles.
Ray switched to Amsoil 10W-30 Synthetic and it did not burn oil for the first 1K but the started to burn oil again and after an additional 3K miles is back to burning 1.3 Litres of oil per 1K miles.
The dealer said this is normal and within the allowable oil usage as stated by Isuzu, so much for Isuzu SUV's.
Does anyone else have one of these "oil burners"?

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I know of this problem and the dealer stands behind this claim also of 1Quart per 1000 miles is OK.
The Isuzu spec allows 3Quarts per 1000 miles
Maybe instead of using water injection, Isuzu uses oil injection.

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To be on topic: I have an Isuzu (Trooper) and it uses up oil too although I've never monitored it accurately to tell how much per miles ran. Currently I have Mobil 1 10w30 in it and it definitely uses up oil with this brand. One time I had another brand of oil in it and I never topped up the oil or anything. Too bad I can't remember which oil that was. Next oil change I'm trying out the Chevron Supreme.
1998 Isuzu Trooper 3.5L V6, purchased new and switched over to Mobil 1 10W30 at the 10,000 mile mark.

It has used about 1 quart per 1,000 miles since new. Dealer says normal....rig currently has 93,000 trouble-free miles, but it does use oil!!

I have considered switching over to Mobil Delvac 1 (but I haven't found it anywhere (readily available) to see if it helps with consumption.

Originally posted by guido_bossaert:
Would swithging from Mobil 1 10W-30 to Amsoil 20W-50 stop the oil consumption?
I feel that the Mobil one is to thin?

It is possible that changing to amsoil from mobil 1, or simply to a higher viscosity mobil 1 will help oil consumption. Amsoil is thicker than mobil 1 within the same weight, so it might not be necessary to jump to a 20w50. You could try a 10w40 perhaps.

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We have a 93 Trooper with 120k and it has always used 1qt per 1000 miles, more with a 30 weight, slightly less with 40 weight.
Guido- I'm a current isuzu owner as well- 2002 rodeo 3.2L. From what I've researched, it seems the oil consumtion issues that plague some of the isuzu 3.2 & 3.5L engines is due to a poor piston ring design. The oil control rings on the earlier run of DOHC 3.2/3.5L's do not have adequate drain-back holes. Supposedly, oil gets trapped above the ring(s) and slowly burns off over time in the cylinder. Effects mostly 1998-1999 & some early 2000's. The old ring design has something like 4 drain holes, the new design has 10+. I've not heard of the oil usage effecting engine performance, reliabilty or emmisions at this point. Mostly just an annoyance. These are otherwise a very stout all aluminum, 90deg block truck engine.

There is a wealth of information & great people on this board. I'm sure some of the G-roo's will chime in, but before you try anything invasive, you may want to try some Auto-Rx to clean those rings, or experiment with different oil brands & viscosities to see if that helps reduce the oil consumption. For a while, isuzu was replacing short blocks on 3.2/3.5L engines that used more that 1qt/1000mi. Likely depends on your warranty, dealer, etc. G/luck
I would try two oils. Delo 400 which is a 15w-40 has completely stopped consumption on my son Mazda Millinia. He was using 5w-30 havoline and it was thinning to 20w from an oil analysis. He has 100,000 miles on it. Castrol GTX 20w-50 is what I use in my Toyota Cressida with 250,000 miles. It uses a quart about every 1000 miles with this oil but much less than the 10w-40 I used before this oil.
I agree with sbc350gearhead, try Amsoil 10W-40 or maybe 15W-40 before you use the 20W-50. I think 20W-50 is way too thick for most vehicles.

Also JTK's suggestion of using AutoRX to clean the oil control rings may also help and is worth giving a try.
I have an 99 SLX 3.5L (same as a Trooper) with 73K and I have no oil problems. I currently use Red Line. I have used synthetic since 30K. I would try some Auto RX or similar cleaner and switch to a synthetic. There have been many theories on the cause of oil burning in the 3.2L.
A few 3.5L engines have reported it as well.
If it is burning in the combustion chamber it should show up on a smog test.
I have a 99 with the 3.2 engine and it consumes 1 quart every 500 miles. No external oil leaks and the dealer states this is normal. I use Rotella 15W-40 and it still consumes 1 quart every 500 miles. So a thicker oil won't help the issue.
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