issues removing and installing toyota right cv axle

Sep 7, 2011
Earlier this week I completed some repairs on my '11 FWD 3.5L Sienna but not without issues. I removed the right cv axle to replace a leaking inner CV boot. First issue I ran into was that I galled up the threads of the axle end when removing the spindle nut. I think this was a mistake on my part, I usually cut the nut where it is staked in place with a cut off wheel on a dremel to weaken the nut in that area and lessen the chance of damage to the axle. This time I didn't do that, I didn't have any cutoff wheels for my dremel and I couldn't find any at a couple stores near me. Instead I used a nail and hammer to lift the staked part of the nut (probably smashing the threads inside the nut). I didn't use an impact gun, just a breaker bar and matching socket. I repaired the threads using a M22-1.5 die (not an easy job).

2nd issue was that the CV axle did not want to come out of the hub, I had to beat on it quite a few times with my lead hammer to get it freed up. I've done this before on other cars and then cleaned up the rust to get the axle to slide in easily on reassembly. This time even after cleaning up both the axle and inside the hub the parts did not slide together easily. I even filed down what appeared to be the tiniest of burs inside the hub where the axle slides in, but could only get the axle to slide in about half way before it wouldn't move anymore. I got tired of messing with it so I just decided to use the axle nut to pull the axle the rest of the way in. Well, the flange on the new spindle nut started galling against the hub. I got the axle pulled in and then used a file to clean up the flange of the nut before giving the nut its final torque.

In the photos I show the state of the parts before assembly, I thought I had cleaned them up enough maybe it wasn't enough? Any tips to getting these parts back together smoothly for the future? I doubt lube would help, the fit just seemed to be too tight. Any way to easily get the rust cleaned out from inside the hub?


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Aug 30, 2004
I have a SST for unstaking the nut. Sometimes I use it, sometimes I do not. But haven't had any issues.

If the axle is stick, I use a semi-blunt air hammer bit and my hammer to loosen the axle in the knuckle.
Nov 20, 2006
I wish the ones I get were anywhere close to that nice. LOL You can use a hacksaw or mini hacksaw blade and cut 4 lines inside the old nut to make a thread cleanup tool or get one of these.



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Jun 1, 2009
I've never unstaked an axle nut and I always take them off with an air impact set to full brrrrrrrrr and I've never messed up the threads on either the nut or the axle. I think you're right about the nail messing the threads on the nut up.

As far as getting the axle out of the hub first I'll try light blows from a hammer and if that doesn't work I use one of these:
Screenshot 2021-06-10 175640.jpg

Putting axle back in: Wire brush+brake clean the splines inside the hub and apply a little antiseize then use an impact to pull the axle through if it won't come on its own.