Is this over-filled too much?

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Jan 6, 2005
North Alabama
My VW GTI 1.8T has a little too much oil in it. Here's a side-by-side picture I took of the dipstick. Clean dipstick on the left. The right picture shows how much over-filled it is. Should I drain some out?


p.s. What looks like white stuff on the dipstick is an optical illusion brought on by the camera's flash. There is nothing on the dipstick.

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WW, help me out here a bit...I can't seem to see the oil full mark? Where am I looking? It's probably fine.
No problemo. This is my exact oil level(safely to the upper bend)of the ATW with 5qts GC using the Mannolator.

Btw, is that varnish outside the silvery-whitish area? My Passat dipstick still retains the uniform gun metal like color sheen(after wiping the oil clean) is when the car was new, really.
Don't worry about it.

BTW, what oil did you put in? Did you put in Royal Purple or something? The camera sure made the oil look kinda purple, at least for me...
Dooooh!!!!! wavinwayne is stupid today, and needs a good smack. I just looked in my VW owners manual (imagine that). It says the oil can go to the end of the flat area above the cross-hatching. That's where it is now.

I've read that in the manual more than once before, but for some odd reason, I've been thinking it was supposed to be within the cross-hatched area only.

Forgive my stupid post.

Yeah, I think it's varnish, but the camera flash makes it look worse than it is. It doesn't concern me.

Michael Wan,
It's M1 0w40 with a couple thousand miles on it. If it looks purple, it's the camera. That stuff is very brown.

I double-checked the dipstick. It is not varnished. That is just the color of the dipstick, all the way to the handle. No varnish on it.
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