Is the oil easy to change on a Honda CR-V?

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Point is, my X-Trail OCI requires no ramps, filter right on front bottom engine fully accessible, hardly a reach as I access it just under and inside the high front bumper, and pan centered and high. Even with great clearance on this X-Trail having the oil filter high and back of engine would be a massive pain. Compare that to placing my Honda Accord up on ramps, crawling completely under the hot engine and reaching way up burning and cutting hands/forarms removing and installing filter, this is not fun for me doing over a decade of 4-5 OCIs anually. Trying to guide that new filter up and lining it up to screw on was a trick, I alsways feared the filter catching a bit of grime or dirt as I weaved it through the obstacle jungle nearly blindly through the narrow jungle to install it. I tried removal and install from top, that was worse. As I said, I have large hands/forarms, cutting and burning hands/forarms could not be avoided on that Honda filter assessibility, I was not cutting/burning them on purpose, tried every method possible to avoid that, loved the car itself, hated the OCI. If I had a hoist with proper comfortable access I could have managed the Honda OCI without pain and sure install without picking up debris on filter, that was the worst, screwing on the filter never knowing if any debris got on top of filter before application. Without a hoist, which OCI would you prefer over decades guys? Cyprs
I also change my filter on my Civic from above. It's really very easy and I don't have to use ramps. I hate using ramps.
Ramps? I could never get any of my last 4 cars up on ramps, the bodywork hits. The location of the filter on my '95 Civic was behind the block (in between the block and the firewall). It was relatively easy to get on anf off from above. --- Bror Jace
Couldn't do the 86 Accord from above, too much jungle and too low, last honda I ever drove, dont know about newer ones. [I dont know] Cyprs
I forgot to post this but we bought the CR-V and are loving it. There is alot of info in the owner's manual as Audi Junkie already mentioned.
CR-V is a great vehicle. I like the Element if I was buying new, but ours was used, for the wife.  -
I think some of you guys forget that a particular engine is used for many applications (think of how many apps the Toyota 3.0 1MZ-FE is used for)...when the engine was originally design, they put the filter in the best place possible. Of course, depending on what car they use it in, the filter location is going to be different; but IIRC, it is very difficult to change the location of the filter (on a particular engine) was the engine has been designed. I think this is the reason why more and more cars are now moving to "top-accessed," cartridge oil filters as the filter accessibility would be a non-issue regardless of how the engine ends up being mounted. [Off Topic!] Has anyone here changed the oil filter on a 3L Toyota V6? It looks scary to me...seems easy to burn yourself on the exhaust manifold? [I dont know] Any tips? Just curious...
I’m wondering if the fact that most, if not all, transverse 4 cylinder engines are mounted such that the exhaust side of the engine faces forward
On the Toyota Corolla engine the Exhaust is out the rear and filter in the front facing down. Here is a photo from the top of the engine;  - You can put your whole hand on the filter and see it from the top to check if you have a leak or such. [Happy] It's always cool and nothing to burn your hand. This is the easiest outfit I've EVER changed oil in. And my 99 Taurus and 2000 Silverado is simple. [Cheers!] Take care, Bill [Coffee]
Blokey, very well explained and I tend to agree. Luckily my mazda I can reach the filter from the top, but my GFs civic and mom's nissan I have to go under the car and get hot oil down my arm if I'm not carefull. I've found that mechanics gloves help when reaching hot filter or near hot exhausts, just watch out for your arms.
Do companies like Honda and yes Nissan too, (01 Altima 2.4 litre had filter high on back of engine too) purposely place thier filters in the most inconvient location back and high to discourage home Oil Changes by do it yourselfers like us, is this a ploy to get Hondas in Honda Dealership service bays?
I’m wondering if the fact that most, if not all, transverse 4 cylinder engines are mounted such that the exhaust side of the engine faces forward (for cooling reasons maybe?). This means that if a block mounted oil filter were on the exhaust side of block in front, space would be prohibitive, considering the placement of the exhaust, cooling system, AC components, front structure, etc. Since much of the intake components are all at the top of the engine between the block and the firewall (makes for efficient packaging), there’s plenty of space for the oil filter on the intake side of the block. DIY oil changers are probably low on the list of priorities when engine bays are designed. [I dont know]
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