Is the Makita 9227 polisher very durable?

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Jul 31, 2007

I was considering on getting a Makita polisher in a few weeks. Where can I get it locally, and or is it a online order. I hoping that Lowes and or Homedepot carried it. I have been reading nothing but good things about this polisher. Although one must be mindful that paint burning can happen if one isn't careful. What say you/ Does anyone own one of these polishers. I grow weary of Craftsman buffers, whereas they do nothing for scratches, blemishes, and or swirl marks etc. Thanks in advance!

I haven't owned the Makita but have used one, and I have owned most of its competitors (DeWalt, Hitachi, Metabo, Porter Cable). I really like the Makita polisher and if I needed a new one, it would be tops on my list. Very smooth and quiet, well made, nice feel. There are a lot of them out there and almost everyone I know who has one, loves it. If you can get one for a good price, jump on it.
I'm not skilled enough to own a rotary polisher, but Makita or Dewalt would be high on my list if I was. I believe the Makita is one of the lighter polishers out there, which for me is a good thing. I've had good luck with on other tool purchases. I'd make sure the spindle size was compatible with the backing plates you wanted to use. You'll spend more on pads and plates than the tool.
I worked recently in a auto detailer's shop and that was the machine they were using.

I wouldnt be nervous about ordering online, check out Ebay, go to Makita's web site and see if they have a refurbished one.

In my own case i weigh the amount of use a tool will get versus its price, My own example would be using a harbor freight tool, which i consider those to be a limited use outlet for tools, now for example my cordless drill that i use many times a day that sort of tool i wouldnt compromise on the quality.
Thats the exact reason I went for the Harbor Freight polisher for $40 on sale. I'll rarely use it and wont feel bad when/if it dies or I loan it out and dont get it back.
You will not regret buying the Makita 9227. I own it and a DeWalt 849 and either one will do a very good job for a very long time. The Makita is lighter, has a "soft start", adjusts speed smoothly and is very quiet.

Edit: I also own the HF polisher mentioned above for when the neighbors come over to "borrow" my polisher. No way they are gettting their hands on one of the good ones.
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