Is the GM 3.4L that leaks oil the one in the Camaro ?

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Oct 20, 2002
Suburban St. Louis
I see so much on here about leaky lousy intake manifold issues with the 3.4L engines in GM FWD cars.

Is this the same as the 3.4L in a rear wheel drive Camaro? It's what is in my son's '94 car, with now 174k miles.

Will we eventually get these leaks ? Or is it a different engine family ?
IIRC, the 3.4 was available the first two years of the last generation Camaro/Firebirds, before they made the decision to drop the 3.8s in them.

As to whether or not that particular 3.4 is the intake leaker, I have no idea.
They all leak, fwd, or rwd doesn't matter. The 3800 is a leaker too. He may just be lucky. Leakage seems to be the rule not the exception.
I think the FWD and RWD 3.4L engines are different

The twin cam FWD 3.4L leaked where the oil pump drive enters the intake manifold (the oil pump drive is what's left after the distributor head is cut off).

The 3.1L FWD also leaked at this location. The difference is that with the 3.1L, you don't have to remove the cylinder head to replace a $1.30 seal.
Mid 95 was the last year for the 3.4L OHV in the V6 Camaro's. Late 95 production got the 3.8L.
My little brother had a 95 3.4L and it was a good starter car. I'm glad he got rid of it as they all leak.
The 3800 is not a leaker if properly taken care of from new. The 3400 tends to leak yes, and it was a 1993-1995 motor for Camaro/Firebird.

If his 3.4L leaks, go get a very well taken care of 3800 powered one... say a 2000-2002 model. They're IMO much nicer than the 93-97 models, and the steering wheel/interior is much improved.
Any similarity between the 3400 in the Camaro and the 3400 used in the Lumina van? My dad had a 96 Lumina van with the 3400, it would haul *** for a van.
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