Is the Ford 2.3l 4cylinder hard on oil?

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Congrats on the new Ranger! I have a 98 Ranger with the 2.5 in it, pretty same motor just longer stroke on the rods. Does your new Ranger have the dual plug setup or is it just 4 plugs? Mine is 2 plugs per cylinder, making it not fun to change plugs and wires. I talk about this because with the dual plugs setup, while a PITA to work on, it is actually better to ensure all the fuel is burned off in the combustion process and therefore, less fuel getting into the oil. I've never had a problem with sludge in my engine. These 2.3/2.5 motors are good engines, Ford built them right. If you want to get a good start on your Ranger, here's some good info links for you,,,,op
We also have a 1998 2.5L ranger in the family. Super basic, 5spd, no air, power nothing. At 90K+mi pop the hood, it looks new, runs like new, oil stays relatively clean. It's like a tough little tractor engine & easy to work on. IIRC even the cylinder head is cast iron (good thing with all those plugs!) Joel
I had a 95 2.3 with 70,000 on the clock. no prob never used a drop of oil the whole time I owned the vehicle. just as long as you dont dog the truck all the time redlining it. also have reg OCI the engine should last you for a long time. my truck only had a sensor ontop of the intake manifold to go bad (forgot wht it was called) so in the 9 years I owned the truck that was the only major prob. never had the front end allined. and the brakes was the original factory brakes on it. the midias guy was shocked on that one as was i. so I know my truck was good so i dont see a prob with your engine. you hit the nail on the head about the 8 plug change it is a real PITA [Bang Head]
On the 8 plug change, wouldn't it be a good idea to alternate changes. Say if the plug life were 40,000 miles, then change the left side at 20,000, the right side at 40,000, the left at 60,000, etc.
One of the guys at The Ranger Station forums has a 2001 2.5L Ranger with 241,000 miles. He, uh, drives a lot for his job. Engine has never been apart. Gets Valvoline DuraBlend every 3000, which works out to about every 3 weeks. [Cheers!]
The 2.3 is a solid workhorse. My daughter's is a 1993 with 150K. It may use a half-quart with 4K OCIs. Quiet engine also. Not sure how much has changed in 13 years with that engine.
The 2.3 engine in 05corolla's Ranger is a new Mazda design introduced to Rangers in 2001 with aluminum block, twin overhead cams and cam chains instead of belts. I've not read anywhere about it being hard on oil and it appears to be a soild motor. I'd just use a good 5w20 like Motorcraft and not worry about it.
I did a plug change on my MIL's '93 ranger last summer while I was in KY... what a MFPITA! she had never done anything to the motor except change the oil and put gas in it up until that time.. I think it had 120k at the time.. the plugs had opened up to about .120" and I was amazed it even ran (though it was probably only making about 60HP). changing the plugs and wires about doubled the engine's output from pathetic to meager. last night she traded it in for an '05 Escape.. I hope she has as much luck with it as the ranger.
Have an '01 Ranger 2.3 for a work truck/company vehicle. Uses no oil at 109000 miles and oil comes out as clear as it pours in. 4k intervals with superflow 10/30. Transmissions, however....been thru 3 of 'em
speedtc is correct that the 2.3 is a Mazda engine. I believe that 2001 is the first year it came out. That is the first year I noticed them anyway. The older Ford 2.3 or 2.5 is based on the Pinto engine, the first all metric american engine made. I used to have one in the Small Ford LTD.
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