is the Blackstone/Dyson offer still available?

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Jan 24, 2003
Kingman, AZ
Anyone know if this offer is still available??? I found it on the UOA-Diesel board dated Jan 20, 2003... I am ready to send in my first sample [stretch] Blackstone Labs and Dyson Analysis Team to offer the normal Blackstone kit including TBN with Terry Dyson performing the interpretation for $35. Order your kit directly from Blackstone asking specifically for the Dyson Analysis package. Once the results are "read" you will receive your results via email from Dyson Analysis. As always your questions and fine tuning your equipment lube needs will be met by consulting directly with me. Questions please ask ?
The Dyson Analysis package is still available. Put Dyson Analysis #46 on your slip, and Terry automatically gets a copy of your analysis report when you do. You can't beat the deal, including customized interpretation by Terry, a Tribologist, with questions and answers to your concerns.
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