Is supertech made by pennozoil

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Yes!! Contact member csandste. He knows quite a bit about this topic, Joe

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Yes, it is Quaker State oil. According to the QS reps, it's not the *exact* same formula as standard QS oils. I asked the 3 different rep's I spoke with to send more info to me. All 3 of them said they'd fax me. Not a single one of them has faxed me anything in the past couple weeks.

I called Wal-Mart, they gave me this number to find out more info on SuperTech oil: 479-254-7050. A rep at that number had me contact 800-416-1600. Maybe someone else can get a fax from them that has more info than "yes, it's QS oil".

Johnny, who works for Pennzoil, has commented on this. Try doing a search using the words Super-Tech and/or K-mart (another, related private label oil sold by K-Mart).

It is not the same formula as Pennzoil or Quaker State and even comes from a different plant ... although that plant is owned by Shell/Pennzoil/Quaker State.

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It's Specialty Petroleum bought by QS, bought by PZ, bought by Shell-- although there is some speculation that it will soon be Shell since the Specialty plant is being closed. Also Warren out of Omaha/Council Bluffs may have something to do with production or at least packaging although that's not clear. I've contacted them by e-mail and will post anything they give me.

It is not QS or PZ, any more than Wolf's Head, another brand owned by them was.

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that is what they say at walmart

So what if it is? Dodge Neons are made by Mercedes too, but that doesn't mean that any of it rubs off.

The oil may be made to different formulas from different ingredients by different people in different plans using different processes. I don't think knowing who makes it means much by itself.
IMO it doesn't matter who made it as long as it has the "starburst" on the packaging. At $6 a pop with a S/T filter you can afford to change it at 4K/4 mos. and you have peace of mind at less than the cost of one UOA.
True...but what fun is that?
I'm interested in knowing the real overal quality of the supertech oil its soooooo cheap. I cant help but imagine it breaking down after just a couple thousand miles... of course it would still be pretty cheap even at that rate!
Consider that many Wal-Mart store brands are often half the cost of major brands and just as good. Example: oatmeal. I was paying about $4 a pop for Quaker Oats for years, now using Wal-Mart brand for $2, just as good. Wal-Mart has tremendous buying power and many suppliers salivate at the thought of supplying their private brands and they are not going to jeopardize their future by supplying an inferior product to Wal-Mart. Unless you are a high mileage driver you are probably wasting your money spending more than the cost of ST oil.
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