Is quaker state 5w20 ok?

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Sep 3, 2005
Royal Oak MI.
I have a 2001 Honda Civic with 160,000 miles and wanted to ask if Quaker State dino 5w20(green bottle) is a good choice. No burning or leaking issues as of yet.
I'd just use SuperTech on something that old, but QS is fine. Keep it topped off in between changes.
In Michigan? How does the car look for rust? If it's got any bad rust at all.... I'd use what ever oil you can find cheap.
Car is in great shape,no rust at all. Garage kept original owner car i picked up for the wife. Very clean also. He said he used regular 5w20 since new. Uses no oil between changes,well hasnt in 4,000 miles. Dont think i should switch to a synthetic at 160,000 miles. Thanks for all your knowledge,i really appreciate you all!
I run it in a Honda 2008 Honda Fit with a V-tec engine. over 110,000 miles, no leaks - no burning oil - runs smooth and quiet. 5,000-6000 OCI with base level filters.
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