Is my co-worker full of it?

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Mar 16, 2003
He told me Duralube is the best stuff on Earth...his reasons? He told me he was 4 wheeling in the mountains when his jeep bottomed out and cracked his oil pan. He lost all oil pressure and all his oil was on the trail. He said he had put Duralube in his engine. He keept driving and drove over 50 miles back home with no oil in his jeep! He said his engine temp never went up and it ran just fine! He said the Duralube is what enabeled him to do this and it saved his engine. [I dont know] I really have a hard time beliving this!
Well.... The chlorinated paraffins in Duralube and similar products do reduce friction--note how slippery your fingers feel if you get some laundry bleach on them. Long term, these chlorinated products in the crankcase convert to hydrochloric acid and cause increased bearing wear. Show this to your buddy: We know that he got back, but I'd like to see his bearings and crank journals. Ken
He is a nice guy but usually has a story to tell. He has the same 5.3 V8 in his 99 Silverado and he says he gets 25mpg to my 18mpg, he told me there is something wrong with my engine! I just said WOW 50 miles with no oil that is awesome!!!! If I said BS he would argue with me and swear up and down it was the honest truth till the day I die!
A long time ago I decided not to believe anything anybody told me about their gas mileage or sex life. Note, my truck had Pennzoil in it before it survived a drive without oil.
Originally posted by Chris Jefferson: B.S.!!! if i could raise a b.s. flag, i would!!
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