Is Mobil 1 0W-20 available in Denver,Colorado area?

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Mar 5, 2003
Aurora,Colorado,cycle heaven
It seems that M1 0W-20 is available for purchase only in certain areas of the country. I have looked all over the Denver ,Colorado area and cant find M1 0W-20 for sale. Has anyone seen it for sale in this area? If so--where? Thanks!
Phoneman, I have seen it here in the Springs, I believe at Advance Auto. It could have been at Autozone or Checker but I believe it was at Advance.
DEWFPO, I am surprised...I would think on the W. Slope you guys would be prime market for the "zeedubs."
Since my g/f's car is going to need an oil change soon, I've been looking for this stuff for the past couple of weeks. This weekend, I hit pretty much every major store that carried motor oil looking, and asking to make sure it just wasn't out on the shelf but in the back, and no one had even heard of it. The g/f and I took a Saturday cruise to Carbondale, IL (very southern town in IL that is basically a college town = SIUC). Even stopped in the O'Rielly's and the AutoZone their, same story. Well, we stopped at Walmart on the way out of town, and I figured, what the heck, I'll look here....Well, they had it. One row of Mobil-1 0W-20. No jugs of it (not even in their oil change shop), so I bought 5 quarts of it for her next oil change. Hopefully by then they'll have it around here - St. Louis, MO area. So, the stuff does exist, it's just not widespread yet. [Frown] Chuck
I had a friend check the Super Walmart in Colorado Springs and there wasnt any 0W-20 mobil 1 oil. Has anyone recently seen 0W-20 M1 for sale in the Denver/Colorado area? [ July 26, 2003, 01:29 PM: Message edited by: phoneman91 ]
I just checked the new 'super' Wal-Mart in Avon and they carry the M1 0W20. However, our home town WM in Glenwood Springs does not. Unfotunately, none that I have been to carry the M1 ATF DEWPFO
What is it about 0w-20 M1 that makes it available only at certain stores or areas of the country? The other grades of M1 is available everywhere. Would a possible reason be that Mobil doesnt have the production capacity to make 0W-20 available to all areas of the country. Or could it be that the demand isnt there--and Mobil isnt producting at capacity--because it isnt needed? I have posted this question to Mobil on their website and didnt receive a response from them. What is the problem anyhow with 0W-20 and it's availability?
A classic case of a new product on the market that will take a while to ramp up. Folks who order product are reluctant to give up shelf space to a new product that may not sell well when the stuff on the shelf does. If a manager has any say in what gets ordered, especially if it has an auto service manager who has "opinions" about 0w20 oils, you may never see it on the shelves... Also factor in regional oil preferences - where its much colder, there seems to be a much better acceptance of a "thin" oil than where its hot. I've been to two Wal-Marts here. One does a terrible job of getting restocked - once an oil runs out, its usually a MONTH or more before it shows up on the shelves again. No "new" products ever show up. The one five miles down the road is usually restocked within a week, and has every flavor of Mobil 1 availible and over all a MUCH better selection of brands and grades, yet its the smaller Wal-Mart... [ July 26, 2003, 03:39 PM: Message edited by: MNgopher ]
Well they have the 0W-20 here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Of course we really need it here in the summer its up above 100F and last winter I think it got below +20F one night. [Big Grin]
I was finally able to locate 0W-20 M1--I found it at Advance Auto on 1300 104th street in Thornton. I suspect that Advance Auto may have this grade of oil nationwide. Or it can be ordered by them. Their website was confusing---there was one reference to M1 0W-20 on one screen--and no references to it on other screens having to do with the types and grades of oils that Advance Auto sells. Thanks to all that responded to this thread.
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