Is it time to sample yet?

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Aug 16, 2003
Originally posted by Chris142: I hit the 4000 mile mark yesterday on the Torco 5w-30 SR-5 in my 4.0 Jeep. Should I sample now? Wait till 5k? 6k?
Up to you. I might if I knew the oil or might not. What application and how many miles? Do you race this jeap is is it a daily drive or a pavement pounder walking and stopping is line with all the city slickers? I just changed the oil at ~8K on an oil I know other oils in the line can go farther, but this is the " cheapest " in the line... I have no experience with it but since I was strapped for cash and always wanted to try the LOW END I did. I therefor had many HUNDREDS of thousands of miles experience, but not with the MOTOR and APPLICATIOM in question.... SO since its my truck, and MY pocket book if I screw-up I decided to go just over the MAX from the manual says to get a guage for what it will look like. Although my service is "SEVERE" I used the "NORMAL" because I want to get a ROUGH IDEA in its most severe application. NO FILTER changes, original air filter and oil filter was not changed during this test... truck ~14K
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