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May 28, 2003
Synthetic oil heats up a lot faster than dino. I'm sitting in traffic today and watched my oil temp gauge go from 180F to 290F in less than 10 minutes. The water temp barely moved during this time in traffic. I do have a factory oil cooler and the AC was running. I use to run 10W30 Pennzoil and now it is filled with Mobil One. When I ran dino I never remember the oil temp ever jumping up this fast. I sat on I-95 in Miami two years ago in 96 degree heat and the oil temp rose but only to about 220 degrees.
IIRC, it has been stated here by the experts that thinner oils transfer heat better. If that is true, then the heat would transfer to the oil quicker from the engine. [I dont know] Mobil 1 is much thinner than pennzoil in an equivalent weight. [ August 15, 2003, 04:48 PM: Message edited by: sbc350gearhead ]
I drive a 2003 Silverado and running on the highway in 90+ temps with AC I never hit 210 degrees. No matter how hard I try rhe temp guage won't go any higher then 205 or so.
That was oil tempature. And it was only in the mid eighties yesterday. I checked the oil level and it is right on. I was looking at the correct 4.2 quarts of oil in the engine. When I did start moving around 25 mph, the oil temp dropped very quickly. I would say within 3 to 4 miles it was back to 180F.
What you are describing is how I would expect <b>coolant</b> temps to react (in terms of change and response to air flow), not oil temps.
If the engine didn't smell or act hot, and the water temp didn't go up correspondingly, then I'd guess that the sending unit or the sensor or whatever device it is that measures the oil temp is having problems. Perhaps the change to synthetic has cleaned/dislodged some crud that is accumulating around the sensor and insulating it.
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