Is GTX Start Up Better than Havoline or Pennzoil?

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Aug 20, 2003
My local Wal-Mart has GTX Start Up marked down for $1.50. I usually use either Havoline or Pennzoil dino bought on sale. My question is whether Start Up is better than the Havoline or the Pennzoil?
Where are you located? I've been waiting for them to mark this stuff down so I could stock up on it.
The idea behind Castol Start-Up is interesting with the "ester cling" factor to provide additional film for start-up protection.

But, to me, it makes more sense as an additive for use with any brand of oil.

And how much more protection does it provide for roughly $1 buck a quart more ($2.58 normal price), than the average dino oil?

Originally posted by FowVay:
Where are you located? I've been waiting for them to mark this stuff down so I could stock up on it.

I just realised that the bottles of Start Up and Magnatec are British Racing Green coloured.
Thank you for the heads up. I went to my local Wal-Mart last night and they still had the 2for$5 labels on the shelf. I scanned the bottles and they did ring up at $1.50 each. However, the 10W-40 still rang up $2.50 and the case price was still $17.22. So I opened the cases and bought individual bottles of 5W-30 and 10W-30.
I was in my local WalMart in Newton, NJ tonight and in the corner they had Castrol GTX Start Up for $1.50. They probably had 24 bottles but it was all 10W-30.

Wow, that has to be one of the fastest-to-failure oil marketing campaigns in history. From product release to the clearance bin in a few months. I wonder how much Castrol is loosing on that program.

They should have just released a new-and-improved GTX rather than trying to establish yet another line. GTX, GTX Start UP, High Mileage, Syntec Blend, and regular Syntec multiplied by the various grades is simply way too many formulations.

My local Wal-Mart was selling a 5 quart bottle of the Castrol GTX (the regular stuff) for $7.97.

It did say on the bottles (the 5 quart, and the 1 quart individual bottles) that the regular GTX has been updated to protect better.
Walmart is dropping the start up but its still sold at autozone and advance for regular prices.
Dont think itll be going away anytime soon.
Guess I just got some of the last of the Start Up. Just bought 19 quarts of 10w40 for $1.40 a quart today. There sill are several cases of 5w30 and 10w30 at that price.
Now I wonder if Start Up was really discontinued. I see the product data sheet and other stuff still on Castrol's site, and the Start Up is listed as meeting SM. But if it is around, who's selling it?
I saw John Force and his funny car sponsored by Castrol is still pimpin start-up, so I think it is still going to be around.
Oh yeah, I saw these leather Castrol Start Up racing jackets marked down to $149 from I think $179 at Murrays Auto. I would have been slightly tempted, but for the Fram logo on one sleeve.

This Start Up has nice specs. 10w40 at 100C is 15.9 cSt. That is like a high mileage oil. The 10w30 is 11 cSt and the 5w30 was around 10.2.
Ahh, Triple, I think if you spend some time reading about Start-Up at the Castrol website, or do a search in the engine oil forum, you'll realize that the Start-Up feature is not for cold temp flow, but rather as a retention of lubricating film for better protection at start-up.

Also, if you are providing application specific advice for Buzzsaw, the author of this thread, please note that he originated the post 6 months ago.
TallPaul Advance Auto and Autozone still have on their shelves around here. It is around $2.40 a qt.
Start-Up's cousin, GTX Magnatec is a well-established product in Europe. Check, the 10w-40 carries the A3 rating on UK Castrol site. That should answer the original question of if it's better thanSM-spec oils. A3>SM
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