Is GC NLA in Germany??

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May 28, 2002
Visiting Castrol Germany's website this AM, I no longer see the 0-30 SLX. The only available 0-30's are TOPUP's and they do not carry the BMW-01 certification. Can someone else confirm this?

The one's we know are still there...the RS 0-40 (may be the BMW 0W-40), RS 10-60 (BMW/Castrol TWS oil) and the Group III HC (Dynatec) 5-40 (Belgium).
It is still there
Dr. T, G-Man and Doyall

It's worth opening the German Castrol site through the babelfish system at Babelfish opens the site translated into English in a window. It all becomes clear after that...

Formula SLX, TWS Motorsport 10w-60 and the others on the page are "workshop oils" that are only sold through car makers' dealer networks(like BMW dealers and VW dealers) and not through Castrol retailers like Wal-mart or their euro equivalent.

The lube oil companies and the car companies have realized that they can capture a good market by co-branding products, and Castrol is a leader in this strategy. You, the cautious consumer, can use other oils, but the "recommended by the manufacturer because it will save your warranty" Castrol oil is whats on the dealer's shelf, and that's the only place it is - it's not in retail distribution.

The result is high prices and volumes for both companies and guaranteed sales with no advertising costs. Of course Castrol is bending the rules a bit by relabeling SLX 0w-30 and the corresponding 505.01 oil as Syntec branded oils and selling them in North America, which breaks down the model. But most people don't know the difference, and it cuts the manufacturing costs down by increasing volume.

Neat arrangement. I'm just waiting for it to start with gasoline!


Originally posted by doyall:


It is still there

But it's no longer green per the 1-22-03 MSDS.

Then what you've seen isn't the MSDS for Formula SLX 0w30. The PDS sent directly to me from Castrol Germany last fall states the color as "green."

Then what you've seen isn't the MSDS for Formula SLX 0w30. The PDS sent directly to me from Castrol Germany last fall states the color as "green."

Couldn't find the thread where this has been discussed before but the MSDS dated l-22-03 sent to me by Ralf Jaritz of Castrol in Germany said the "SLX Neu 0W-30" manufactured in Germany was bernsteingelb (amber). The 1-9-2003 MSDS for the SLX 0W-30 manufactured in the UK said green. Didn't I e-mail you those? Do you have a later dated MSDS for the German manufactured SLX?
Speaking of no longer being available. Has there been any confirmation that Castrol will continue to import German Castrol to sell in the US?
Dr. T,

We've discussed this last year. You'll find a thread on this forum if you search.

But basically jaj is right, the SLX (and a few others) is a shop oil, which means it's not marketed/distributed the same way as other Castrol oils.

As far as the color, there are many different versions of SLX in Europe (SLX, SLX GM, SLX LongLife II, SLX LongTec, SLX LL01 FE), so it's possible that some of them may not be green.
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