Is Fix-A-Flat damaging to your tires?

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Jul 9, 2004
I used a can of Fix-A-Flat after picking up a roofing nail after Hurricane Katrina. No tire repair shops open.

Can I count on this as a permanent repair? Seems to be holding up for the time being.
Fix-A-Flat is a product designed to get you the repair shop and have the tire fixed proberly or replaced. But yes! I too know others that have used it as a permanent fix, and it lasted until the tire wore out with normal driving. I have used it myself to fix(although temporary), rim leaks. Lasts about 3 months at best IMHO. If you do have the tire fixed properly at a repair shop, be sure to let them know that there is this product in the tire so that the service tech can use caution,(no open flame). I beleive it states this caution on the can, as the product may be combustable.
It will not last, and you will definately not make the tire repair place happy. It softens the tire and puts off some nasty fumes. Go to a place that will remove the tire and install a proper patch. Do not go to a place that uses rope patches.

Originally posted by T-Keith:
Go to a place that will remove the tire and install a proper patch. Do not go to a place that uses rope patches.

Will they be able to find the original hole with all that gook spread inside the tire?
I've had those little pinhole leaks with my car that fix-a-flat fixed permanently. It was one of those leaks where a full tire would lose 80% of its pressure over the period of 24 hours. I used the same tire until I had to replace all four because they wore out.
Possibly, it makes the job a lot harder, but depending on the leak they should be able to still find it.

with small enough leaks and fix-a-flat, plan to pay more than normal. We had a fix-a-flat upcharge because at least with older formulations, it is a flammable substance, and dangerous.

Also, since unless the hole is HUGE, you *can not* find it if it is fix-a-flat'ed. You have to pull the tire off, wash out the tire & rim completely, remount, inflate, test for leaks, remove, patch, etc.

It's a pain in the neck.
Fix a flat causes a lot of problems.

1. It moves around inside the tire so it will make balancing impossible.

2. It is a goopy sticky substance. So, if you get a hole that it doesnt fix it is very difficult to patch with a real tire patch. It is really difficult to clean it off the inside of the tire.

On a side note, "rope" or "plug" patches are not approved for any tire with a good speed rating. Nothing over an "S" speed rating I believe.

I think you'll find that "rope" or "plug" patches (by themselves) are not approved for any passenger and light truck tire regardless of speed rating.
OH YEAH! I had to move a tire from front to back after installing Fix-A-Flat just to stop the shimmy. I never did have the tire rebalanced, just left it in the back of the car until it was time for a replacement.
"What do you recommend I do at this point?"

Take the tire in and get it properly repaired. The sealant could fail at any moment and you'd be in the same fix you were before.
In addition to the problem of not being able to rebalance them properly, my tire shop foreman says the stuff likes to attack the wheel from the inside and promotes corrosion.

I would bring it in and get it fixed right also.

The site listed above is the Rubber MAnufacturers Association. I have worked in 2 shops over the past 3 years.

You CAN safely repair a speed rated tire, and any other Radial Tire up to load range E. I have used only Patch-Plug combination units. The rope type is absolutely Horrible, and Fix a flat is worse. 1)Its Corrosive. 2)Its Harmful to the technicians Health. 3)Its not safe for extended periods of time.

If prices were up to me, There would be a charge for repairing, OR replacing a tire that had fix a flat in it. IF you repair it, you have to clean the tire out, dry it, and then find the hole. IF you replace it, you still have to clean the rim as it is NOT condusive to a 100% seal on the bead (with fix a flat in there.)
fix a flat is ok in an emergency, anything is better than being stranded, or calling a tow truck ($$$...)....

however, fix a flat is very corrosive to metal and aluminum wheels, and corrodes them from the inside out. if you must use it, be sure to get it cleaned out at youre earliest convienence. i have changed enough tires and wheels and seen enough damage that fix a flat has done.

i dont think other products like green slime corrode wheels.
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