Is Durablend better than WB?

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Advance is selling Edge for 5qts and filter for $25. Now you get a rebate of $15. That means each qt. $2.00 plus the extra govt. share. Castrol has the rebate going this month. So I ask you why buy a blend which by the way has no moly, when you can get the real thing for $2.00 a qt.?
True. It is also true that I got my five quarts of Edge for about a buck fifty each, from AA, using their $10.00 coupon in connection with the Castrol MIR. I also bought twelve quarts of Valvo Durablend for less than a dollar a quart. I bought two cases on clearance from Meijer, and then sent off for the Valvoline MIR of $15.00. It has truly been a year for cheap oil, in contrast with the last one. I am currently going through ~70 qts/yr, so I have no problems with accumulating a large stash. Make hay while the sun shines.
Tell me about it. I have 15qts of M1. 15qts of Pennzoil. 10qts of m5000. 5qts of Quaker FS. 6qts of Edge. 6qts of syntec. and 8qts of Delvac.
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or is it hype? Similar additve pkgs?
It has more detergent in the add pack and it also uses a different detergent add pack than Premium conventional. It has 30% GP III blended into its GP II base. The rest is pretty much the same.
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That's all?
Well, because it has 30% GP III, the 100C cSt is very slightly higher,(10.84 vs 10.67) the 40C cSt is about 2 points lower,(69.74 vs 71.45) the HTHS is the same.(3.0) The GP III gives it a little better NOACK.(10 vs <15) The heavier detergent pack gives it a little better base number.(8 vs 7.5) if you think that is better. SA of both is 8. This is for 10W-30. Similar for 5W-30.
Frank, Sorry! I was replying to hpicris and his enumeration of his stash, not you. I actually think the Durablend sounds pretty good, based upon your post above. Since you are here, I did want you to know that I ran my '99 Accord about 6K this summer on M1 EP 15W-50. Car seemed fine, and I really couldn't detect any loss in fuel economy. I know you prefer the regular flavor to EP, but the EP was clearanced dirt cheap this spring at Meijer and Target, so I have a small sub-stash of it. I bought and used it largely based upon your posts. I would not use it during the winter, although you do, and it is not a whole lot warmer in winter where you live than it is here.
I have had extreme service from the M1 15W-50 for the last 19+ years. drive It appears that Valvoline took the Premium Conventional GP II base oil, added some(30%) Synpower GP III base oil and tweaked the detergent package(more calcium, no sodium, 490 magnesium) What I wish they had done was to use the MaxLife base oil(up the HTHS to about 3.2) Because they wanted to stay GF-4, they didn't up the ZDDP as they upped the detergent package. That is probably something normal shrug people would be happy about.
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