is delo 400 synthetic 5w-40 grp III or grp IV?

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May 19, 2003
Just wanted to know. I have bought some due to its 40w to use in my slant six. Looked at the msds and am not educated in chemicalese to interpret what is there. I wrote their customer contact three weeks ago and dont have an answer yet. Its price would lend a grp III, I bought it at truck parts house for 17.42 a gallon. but the price they usually charge is 25, I have bought enough there that I can get some discount. Please clue me in. Dan
Dan, Since Chevron has had the IsoSyn process for many years and has licensed it to other mfgs, I am convinced it is Group III. The Chevron Delo 5W40 is comprised of 60-95% Synthetic Hydrocarbons (Fancy Word for Grp. III) and 1-5% Zinc Di. This is listed on the MSDS. While it is not CI rated, and this is in line with Shell 5W40, another Grp. III, it makes sense. The buyers of this tech. from Chevron are waiting for them to get it certified by the API for CI. But after reading older Tech Specs on this oil and the pour point of -60, I think this oil has a good chance of being a Castrol Bait and Switch and is not the old formula. I have seen newer tech info that doesn't support that pour point. If I am wrong, my apologies to Chevron. JMO [I dont know] [ December 09, 2003, 04:12 PM: Message edited by: 59 Vetteman ]
I emailed Chevron with a similar question about six months ago. They told me all thier products were primarily GIII with the exception of their Artic 0W30 which was PAO
You are correct, I saw the low pour point for the 0W30, but they try to make you believe it is for the 5W40. Again, part of the Castrol flip/flop showing through. So I don't use either Castrol or Chevron. JMO
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