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Sep 7, 2005
So. Illinois
I have sure noticed a lot of ads on Speed channel, SPIKE TV, etc. for Castrol oils...they talk about how Castrol will increase horsepower and efficency....

If isn't a full synthetic, it is staill THAT GOOD????
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Going from a thicker oil to a thinner oil will increase HP and MPG. Doing that by switching to synthetic in the same grade (which is usually thinner) or a lighter grade dino oil will gain similar results.
Castrol is just a company name. There are many lines of lubricants carried under that name. The same goes for any other company, for all kinds of products. I've sensed a lot of this blanket opinion when I'm at work on the sales floor talking with customers.

Is the real question that you mean to ask flying just under the radar? Think about it, and know that it might not be as uncommon a practice as one might think.

Getting back to oil...try it if you wish, at least you can be assured it meets the minimum quality standards required in the industry as far as autombiles are concerned, and just how much better...then the your application and demands warrented by the conditions encountered?

Do a UOA and be "one" with the machine during it's use.
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I think you answered your own question. Those are "ads", not based in reality.

There is nothing wrong with Castrol Syntec as an oil. The debate has finally moved away from the real vs. fake synthetic, to more of the classical benefit/value discussions.

The oil protects well, but appears overpriced. HP and efficiency are always subject to hype!
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We all know where this is headed though.

Castrol is a fine oil but liked pablo said just a tad bit overpriced.
Please, state the reasons.

Castrol Syntec blending formulas vary greatly from grade to grade.
Different grades utilize different additive packs, conform to different standard sets, utilize different basestocks and even being produced in different countries as was the case untill very recently with Syntec 5w-40 made in Belgium and still the case with 0w-30 aka GC made in Germany.
Therefore each grade can be of a different value to a somewhat informed BITOGer since all the grades are priced the same.
In this link check out the standards each grade conforms to.
0w-30 and 5w-40 clearly stand out.
And we all know why, or at least the most of us by now, who follow the GC forum.
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