Is Bottgers here?

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May 31, 2002
St. Charles County, Missouri
Actually Bottgers is now using Chevron Supreme dino. on an extended cycle. I just posted on the Edmunds synthetic link responding to his question as to where everybody was by telling him we were here. Someone should go over and get him.

I think we should all keep posting on Edmunds because that's an excellent way to find people who will come over to this board.
I didn't mean to single him out and attack him, I hope he doesn't take it that way. I was just curious as to whether or not he has changed his beliefs. I too was like him, and would never consider running a dino oil in any car I owned (except for during break in time)

But after reading this board (and Bob's previous message board) I have seen the light!


I'd really like to see him get an oil analysis on that Chevron oil at extended intervals. It would be interesting to see an SL dino oil and how it holds up under a bit longer interval.

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I've seen enough info to change my belief about syns and dinos. A lot of what convinced me of this is how each oil's base is made. With the Chevron having a hydrocracked base, the same as the non-PAO syns have, the only difference is their additive packages. I haven't seen enough info on the additive packages for the cracked syns to convince me that they're worth the extra $2-$4 per quart.

Another reason I decided to go with the Chevron is that they claim it reduces oil consumption. I experienced a mild consumption problem with my Tercel when I was using the SuperTech syn. Since switching to the Chevron, I haven't noticed a reduction in consumption. I still plan to leave this oil in for 5K miles, then do an analysis.

Once that's done, I'm going to switch to Valvoline's Maxlife (now that I know it's an SL)to see if it will slow or stop my consumption problem. I've heard nothing but good things about this product, and it only costs about $.50 more a quart than regular dinos. It's worth a try.

Two questions: Who do I contact to have an analysis done, and how much do they cost? Thanks.
Welcome to the party, Bottgers. While you were wandering around Edmunds looking for everyone we came over here.

Another request that we don't give up on posting to Edmunds. It's still an excellent forum for broader questions and a good recruiting ground for the narrower posts possible here.
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The Edmunds site does have some good info on it, and with the thousands of posts on the subject of oil it has given me a lot of reading at work over the last month when we were in a slow period!

I haven't posted there though, mainly because I'm still reading stuff that was posted a few weeks ago, I haven't caught up to the end of the synthetic oil thread yet. Just when I get a few pages read, you guys add a few more!

Welcome aboard Bottgers, I'm very interested in seeing your oil analysis results!
Without digging through all the old Edmunds posts, it seems like the spec. sheets on Bottgers SuperTech syn. was almost identical to the spec. sheet on the Chevron dino. That may be a false memory, because I requested data sheets on all Wal-Mart oils from PZ/QS and received only an SJ dino sheet. The SuperTech SJ was about half way up the line for dino oils, even compared to SL, but not as good as Chevron or Pennzoil.

Bottgers, did you post the Wal-Mart syn. numbers or am I having a faulty memory?

You're having faulty memory. That was another reason I switched from the ST to the Chev. ST wouldn't provide the spec sheet for their full syn. Of course this alone doesn't mean their oil is no good, but it does imply that they're trying to hide something. The only spec sheet I've heard of anyone being able to get from ST was only for their dino. Chevron is more than glad to provide a spec sheet for their oils. That's a good sign.

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I've been going back and reading all the old posts on the Edmunds board and there is one person on there who goes by the name Bottgers who is totally convinced that even the cheapest synthetic oil out there is still going to be much better than the best dino oil. He uses Walmart synthetic by the way (which I'm sure isn't even a real synthetic, but another group 3 pretender)

I'm just curious if he's here, and if so, have we convinced you yet that just because it says synthetic doesn't necessarily mean it's the best? Most of us here now know that it's the whole package that makes a good oil, not just the base oil itself. So a great base oil with a crappy additive package is not going to give you better engine life than a dino based oil with an excellent additive package.
Bottgers--I think it means marketing indifference rather than the fact that they're trying to hide something. All questions about SuperTech oil have been directed to PZ/QS, there's at least some chance that the SuperTech synthetic is made by someone else entirely-- witness the Motorcraft thread.
I looked back through the Edmunds posts and found that someone did post abbreviated specs. on Wal-Mart synthetic. I think he stated these figures were from '00 so they definitely are the old SJ oil, not SL. I think the specs are almost identical to Chevron dino. Although the post didn't mention it, I believe the only SuperTech synthetic is 10W30.

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Well I guess I'm just lazy. It's a 7 page MSDS and I finally read through the whole thing.

Flash point 435F ASTM D-32
Pour point -40F
Specific gravity .86@60F
Viscosity @ 100F No data available
Viscosity @ 40C 65.2cSt
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