Is anyone familiar w/ Voll-Synthese?

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Jan 9, 2004
Portland, Or
I have a brand new GTI 1.8T and on my next oil change I'm going to convert to a high end synthetic. I bought a couple 5 liter bottles of Voll-synthese and was wondering what you guys thought of this stuff. It comes from Germany and it's supposedly highly recommended VW and Audi.

The manual on this car calls for 5W-40, but say's 5W-30 is acceptable in places where 5W-40 is unavailable. I'll tell you right now it's hard as hell to find a 5W-40 synthetic, but I finally did today.

The reason I wanted the 5W-40 is because I drive my cars very hard and want the film strength of the 40 weight like VW prefers.

I was looking at a few other oils, like 0W-40 Mobil 1 Synthetic, 10W-40 Amsoil and this. Are any of these other oils better than Voll-Synthese?

Thanks for your advice!

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Sounds like you are going to use Lubro Moly. It's a decent oil but you would get the same results or better with the Mobil 1 0W40 or Amsoil 10W40. I tried the Lubro Moly 5W40 in a VW Eurovan I use to have, but it did not perform any better than my Pennzoil European 5W40 Group III synthetic. There are other good 5W40 oils out there like, Red Line, Motul, or Mobil Delvac 1 5W40. If you want to pay the price your VW dealer can get you some Belgium made Castrol 5W40. Good luck.
Thanks for the replies guys. That first reply is the first time I've heard about Voll-synthese being described as mediocre quality.

I just want to be sure to use good oil that provides superb protection at higher temps because I'll be using the APR chip and bolt-ons that will make that 1.8L 4 banger push out 215 wheel hp and 245 wheel ft. lbs of torque. I'm also concerned about the life of the turbo.
Check out the UOA section. I posted at least one UOA of this oil in my SAAB. Right now I am using LM 0W-40, which I got on sale for $2/l. It seems to be even better, although I have not done a UOA yet. Coming soon, hopefully, as I have only about 2k miles to go this interval.
Price really isn't too important to me as long as it's under $8/quart. This Lubro Moly was $24.99 for five liters. That's much less expensive than Redline 5W40 or Amsoil 10W40 anywhere around here. Plus, nobody around here stocks the 5W40 redline and want me to pay shipping to buy it. It ends up being around $8/quart no matter where I go. I mean, is it really worth the difference from Lubro Moly?
Oh, another question is if Lubro Moly is pretty good about keeping the engine clean and free of any build up?
LM oil is popular with people who track their VWs, Audis and BMWs. The Vollsynthese is a very good oil. Another German oil that may or may not be a bit better is Pentosynth 5W-40, which can be found online. Both oils are A3 rated. I'd give the LM a shot. A used oil analysis on it would be interesting.

PS: Where did you find the LM 5W-40?
A local VW parts store. Every person there raved the stuff. But I just figured that was because it says "Made in Germany" on the front.

I'm not an oil guru, I just registered to ask about this oil and see where my interest grows from there..

I guess I should ask where to go for an analysis. I'm from PDX Oregon as you can see. I'll run it for 3k and report back. Well, unless someone has a really good reason why I shouldn't use it. Never know.
"Vollsynthese" is what LM calls that particular oil (I think they also have "Teilsynthese," a blend), and yes, it does mean "full synthetic." I would definitely try the LM in the 1.8T, it's definitely a good choice for that engine. You may want to take a small sample after 5k miles and send it in for analysis. I expect you can go at least 7,5k to 10k miles on that oil between oil changes.
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