Is any of the Castrol 0w-30 made in America?

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Sep 8, 2004
Lansing , Kansas
I wanted to know if all Castrol Syntec 0w-30 is made in Germany or is some made in America? I could have swore I saw some American made at AutoZone the other day. I will check it out for sure and report back.
That is why we call it GC. The original Syntec 0w-30 here was made in America. It was a fuel efficient oil that was about 9.8 cSt. The GC is most likely SLX Lontec which is sold in Europe. It's now Gold bc it's a low SAP oil. Rob, if you see it again, see if you can find the date or batch number of the American made stuff. If it's really old, this should tell us that they are not making this type anymore. [Cheers!]
I recommend you STAY AWAY from AC; at an equivalent price you are getting a SUPREMELY better product with GC. By the way, did I tell you guys that the Elves have formed a band with some American musicians...they call themselves AC/GC...but I will tell you, after listening to them perform the AC doesn't perform as well as the GC! [Wink]
My local AutoZone still has about 5 quarts of the old Made in the U.S. yellow-labeled Syntec 0w-30. I move it to the front of the shelf every time I go in the store...but those same 5 quarts are still on the shelf every time I stop in.
Buster, I went to AutoZone to find only two bottles of the German Castrol 0w-30. The numbers from the bottom of the bottles are MO33246B251051-3. The only other 0w30 Castrol Syntec is the American made yellow label stuff. Is it old? Is there any comparison with it compared to the German made or am I just wasting money?
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