Is all new GC gold??

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll
Over at AZ, they had new square-ish bottles of 0W30, batch M05287 labeled "European Formula" that was Made in Germany and SL-rated. I got all excited when I thought maybe I had just stumbled upon the most recent of green treasures, one where the rest of the public was not privy to such a find. And when I saw the "buy 6 Syntec for $24 sign", I was REALLY excited! But they couldn't sell it to me for that price as that sale tag expired Nov 26, and they failed to remove the tag from the display shelf. Joy and sadness, all in one fleeting instant... So I never found out if there was green in these bottles. And for $5 per bottle, I'll wait til there's another sale to find out...
I thought the sale price was $3.99. Is the sale over? BTW: That packaging is because their bottle manufacturer was on the Gulf Coast and their plant was effected by the hurricanes. They have had to go to an alternate source -- thus the different shaped containers. BTW II: In some states the retailer is obligated to honor the price posted, even if it is posted in error. Terry
I thought anywhere they had to sell it fo rthat price. or it was false advertising. I know k mart got hammered big on black friday. they had battlefront 2 for $19.99 and it was suppose to be the reg battlefront. bet they took a killing on that lol. fyi the last bottle of green was M0501. so if yo usee this then its the last of the green.
I just bought 11 quarts at 3 different AZ's yesterday (12/03/05), and was charged the sale price of $3.99. BTW, M05287 is definitley gold, not green. I have some on the shelf.
I didn't push the price issue as there's still 8 quarts of the prized M04 in my stash. I do find it interesting the the 0w-30 flavor of Syntec moves off the shelfly quick out here. I'm SURE they're lurkers buying all of it up after reading about it here first. [Big Grin]
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