Is AC Delco oil any good? Despite recent UOA's

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Jun 5, 2006
Hi guys, I finally found some UOA's on this oil and it didn't look the best. I'm wondering though, is it the turbo engines or Direct injection that's hurting the oil, or is it not that great? I tagged this onto the back of my last post, but it got absorbed into the abyss. I'd be running it 5 months 5k miles tops. This is in a 2006 Pontiac vibe with the base engine. 100k miles. Mainly short trips, and some colder temps in the winter. The oil is 3.99 at the dealer. Its hard to beat if it does what I want it to and performs in the winter.
You are correct about the direct injection being hard on oil. The Oil itself is fine, but you could do better at Walmart if you want a winter oil like Mobil 1 $22/jug. Much better viscosity at lower temperatures.
It's more the DI than the turbo. Although, both together are bad. Delco oil will work just fine for your '06 Vibe. $4/liter is pretty good for Canada, I'd jump on it for that application.
AC Delco will even be fine in turbo/di applications. It is only here, on BITOG, where UOAs are discerned to a single ppm, that it is frowned upon. 99% of GM owners are going to dealerships, 500 miles over their OCi, using this same oil and not experiencing any issue at all. Even with high mileage. If it wasn't, GM would not recommend it after these few years of use. The early Traverse and Equinox (if it comes up) sufferd from poor timing chain design, not poor oil used.
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Thanks guys. I'd think it was pretty good in the cold, considering that its a blend. I just noticed motomaster synthetic went on sale for 26 bucks a gallon... I'll sleep on it!
We have places that price conventional at $6.29 a quart, and our Walmarts aren't far off from that. VR-1 is cheaper there than some conventionals. No one pays full price for oil at Walmart, but, then again, our Walmarts don't have "everyday low prices."
Yep, that's the reality of our oil prices up here. What's really funny is we live in Alberta. I've seen Mobil 1 for $52 a gallon up here. I think I just look for the deals because I'm tired of getting hammered. For the 26 bucks a gallon, I may use motomaster synthetic for some cold start piece of mind.
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