Interesting video for W123 fans

One of my all time favorites. My 1980 200D the day I sold it to my friend, it was one owner (family member) with less than 80K always dealer serviced km and never seen snow, the dash pad was only to protect the perfect undamaged original from UV damage.
I had this for years but didn't drive it in bad weather either, all the factory torque markings on the under body bolts were still there. Too bad they didn't have these Euro lights and bumpers on the US model.



I got this one for $450 and painted it for another $50. Painted it blue, like all the other cars in this thread.

I got a one way ticket to NC and drove another one home, losing brakes on the way. Mice moved in over the winter and left an uncleanable smell behind so I sold it, but I just saw it parked around town last week.
I had a couple W123s from 2000 to 2006, a coupe and a wagon, and drove them on a 90-mile commute whenever there wasn't snow on the ground. I bought one for $2K and the other for $2500.

After diesel prices went through the roof just before the Great Recession, people added rigs to burn french fry grease and killed a lot of these fine cars before their time. Now they're "collectors" and fetch premium prices.

As far as handling goes, I always preferred the W114 and W115 chassis to the W123. I might get back into old-time diesels if I ever ran across a nice '75 or '76 300D.
very much a fan of the w123 - I’ve owned four, still own two. They’re great cars to drive, easy to own, relatively efficient, and I love their simplicity.
the 240d is borderline undrivable, especially the automatic. the 123 has a cult following but compared to the the 124 it really is a penalty box.
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Had a '81 300CD with non-turbo 5 cylinder and 4spd AT... swapped in the turbo diesel out a wagon and 240D 4spd MT. Fun experience, but glad I moved onto more refined W124 and now W212.

In some ways the W123 was more reliable, since it was dead simple (besides chasing vac leaks)... but the W124 was reliable enough and much more refined in terms of features, road handling and power.