Interesting spark plug misfire on the Focus

Feb 26, 2005
Kansas, USA
Long story short dropped on a valve seat on 2.0 SPI on the 02 Focus about 3 years ago. Bought a new head and cleaned everything up, I thought good enough but still sucked another piece back in. I throw some of that back on head vendor since they didn't throw the instructions in where they recommend popping the plug out of the intake and cleaning it that way, I found that out later after looking at their website. Water under the bridge...

Took it apart again and just tried to smooth everything out since I was tired of the darn cursed thing. Just to see how long it'll last.. that was 4 years ago and over 40k. Interesting thing is it's killed the spark plug on this cylinder every year since. Start getting a misfire code on 3. Typically just switch a plug from another cylinder but can't this time.

Hot spots perhaps? Might be losing a little coolant in that cylinder also. Amazing how bad a car can be a still run good and it does.