interesting observation with RTS

Pottstown, PA
I switched from D1 to RTS in my jeeps to see how it stacked up on extended drains. The stuff is a bargain compared to D1 or T&SUV @12.88/gallon. For the test, I abandoned the Amsoil bypass filtration that I had used on my second run on D1. The engine has never hand any measurable consumption ..ever. Now the engine has a high volume oil pump that slams up against the internal pressure relief almost right off of idle with D1 and basically any oil. With RTS the cold start is, as with D1, right up there ..but somewhat below this when at road speed. The hot idle pressure is uneffected. This is curious. I'm interested in seeing if the viscosity has slid on this stuff. I also thought that I had seen the first consumption in this engine. On two seperate occasions in two days the dipstick showed about 1 quart low today I drag out my gallon jug of RTS and go to put it in. I checked the dipstick to wipe it off and leave it out while the new stuff drained into the crankcase. It was full. The only thing that I can conclude is that RTS lingers on the internals much longer than D1 or the previous M1 products that I've used ...even when hot/warm. This has never happened before in any engine I've ever owned ..other than adding a 15w-40 to a new fill in 30° weather ..which is what you expect.