Interesting experience today

Oct 20, 2005
Scruffy City
So she just left the duck sitting on the cowl? And it blew away? Or did it leave some sort of residue?

Very odd behavior… I do have a friend who was thrilled the first time her new Jeep got “ducked”. I thought that was odd too…
Jan 20, 2018
You did the right thing by driving away. Getting out and confronting an “older woman” that was obviously in an altered state of mind would have been a no win scenario for you. I mean really, what would have happened? What could you have done? Throw a rubber duck at her and escalate the situation? Wrestle her to the ground? Punch her in the nose?😂
If she had damaged your vehicle, it still would have been better to stay in your rig, call the police and let them handle her. Maybe it’s the fact that it was an “older woman”, had it been some guy, maybe I would have thought differently, but probably not if myself or my family was in no danger from the incident.
I do know that I wouldn’t put myself in an uncomfortable situation that could possibly turn physical with an old woman. 🤔😎🍻
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