intentionally swamping Bugatti for insurance money

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Aug 20, 2013
I remember this video back when it happened, but first time i seen anything mentioned about it being intentional for insurance payout. Not that I was actively following it. None the

Bugatti Veyron owner who drove into lagoon admits fraud, faces 20 years in prison

Investigators later discover that shortly after buying the Veyron for $1 million in October 2009, House had insured it for $2.2 million — and that he had left the W-16, quad turbocharged engine running for 15 minutes after submerging the car to ensure its destruction

House took out a $2.2 million collector's car policy on the car -- which happened to equal the debts House owed to a business parter. That policy was written for a car meant to sit in a garage and stored as a collector's item; instead, the insurance company says, House listed the Bugatti for sale and drove it nearly 1,200 miles in three weeks.
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LOL LAMBO! hahaha, great video...

They just want the car because it looks "fancy" but they have no idea what it is and whats even under the hood or how to take care of it...
I wonder if at any time during the investigation and trial, if he uttered the line "I would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those pesky kids" like a scooby-doo villain.
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