Installation of Wear Indicator Spring?

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Sep 18, 2002
I'm doing the front pad replacement on my 2005 LS430. Problem is I started last week and am just now going back to finish. Problem is I don't know how to properly replace the spring that holds the wear indicator in place. Well, the problem is I didn't take a picture as I was disassembling LAST Thursday because I knew I could remember what I had done overnight. Problem is there have been too many "overnights". Any ideas? The bottom piece is just sort of dangling and not touching anything. The pic is deceiving. The top bar seems secure. I can find no holes any where.
Maybe it is right? I tried to see how the other side was set up but this wear indicator is only on passenger side front and rear. And rear is a different set up.
I just looked at Youtube and they showed the LS430 brakes and they were doing the driver side and it definitely had the anti-rattle spring (I believe thats what it is technically called) in place, so whoever did your brakes last probably messed up....? I have worked on Toyotas that had a similar setup and it was identical on both sides as well. I worked on one where I had to bend the center of the "spring" up about a quarter inch (relative to the ends), so that when installed it provided tension to the brake pad. Might be what you need to do here. I haven't actually worked on an LS430 so I cant get too specific.
I haven't pulled the wheels off my parent's LS430 - but it uses an electronic wear indicator - those two wires you see are for the wear sensor - the small spring keeps the wiring from rubbing against the wheel or caliper. That spring looks right to me - the center retaining pin looks like its guided by the big clip.
That dangling lower wire part of the spring bothers me. It’s just out there in the air.
The pads and clips and pin wear indicator are all installed correctly. My question is only concerning that spring with the 2 loops in it that support the wera indicator tube.
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It’s correctly installed
Thank you! You are correct! I just got a confirmation from Lexus in NC. I sent pics to Parts Mgr and he confirmed with one of their mechanics. Case Closed.
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