Install problem with a Homelite blower HB-180

Jan 6, 2011
Eastern Massachusetts
I think answering this would take a person familiar with the Homelite blower HB-180 or similar model.

The throttle lever A I think goes in first.
The spring C goes in second over the post at D.
The throttle lock B goes on the post D over the spring.
The above is a guess.

When I put in the throttle lever the flange on B hits it. I think it goes in opposite the case side so not between the case and metal part of the throttle.
Once those are all in they don’t seem to do anything. They hit the side of the case near D where the flat part is.

The post has a raised part to hold it but it has an opening that I think is involved but don’t understand how.

The spring has the long part on one end. The other end has a part that sticks out. I think that goes into the bottom of B as there is a small hole there.

When I put it together it does not do much. It is supposed to lock the throttle on and push B to stop the engine.

E takes a screw but also does not seem to do anything. What is the screw into E supposed to do?


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