Indoor gas stations

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May 6, 2005
San Francisco Bay Area
Years ago I remember seeing indoor parking garages with maybe one or two gas pumps. Haven't seen one in years, and the one garage I remember no longer has a pump.

Is there anything that no longer allows this?
Many (most in CA) have had new tanks required in recent years. Seems like it is very difficult and $$ to do in an indoor setting.

Also, they didn't pump very much by today's standards. Not cost effective to maintain a system like that.
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I'd be curious how the taxi companies do it.

I think they typically do it the way most people do. They just go to the gas station. I have seen commercial fleet gas stations that don't serve the general public. There's one Flyers/CFN station that I drive past on occasion as well as others. These are the most spartan looking gas stations I've ever seen - even more so than Costco. Maybe a booth for the attendant, and if it rains there's no cover. Also - I don't think they're required to have air and water like retail gas stations.
When I worked for Purolator Courier in the late '70s to the mid-'80s, the terminal, a big warehouse essentially, had its own gas pumps. But they were outside under a shelter, next to the parking lot.

(Wasps must have loved the smell of the gas. There were always ones flying around.)
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