Increased HP? Decrease Temps? Redline or Amsoil

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Jun 25, 2002
I am interested in Redline (API) and Amsoil and I am wondering what the experts can tell me about Increased HP and Cooler Temps for these two oils. How they compare and how they differ. I have two pickups, one stock and one modified for performance. Thanks. [I dont know]
The claims of increased HP, decreased temps and better MPG are highly exagerated when it comes to most synthetics. In most cases you'll be lucky to get 1 extra hp, 2F lower temps and 0.3 MPG better. Don't expect miracles.
It helps, but like Patman said, it's no miracle. To me, besides cold starts, high quality engine oil is more protection and a long-term investment than some kind of upgrade. If you want temp/performance improvements change your auto trans fluid to synth. I've seen 10-15* drops in highway temps, cold shift performance acts like normal operating temp, and normal temp is like I installed a mild shift kit. Night & day difference. That's going from Havoline +3 to Amsoil universal ATF in Chrysler 46RH & 42RE transmissions. Downside is cost/qt, and needing 15qts. [Frown] I wish Schaeffer made +3/+4 ATF. (Pssst, Bob, pass it on! [Smile] ) David
Geeze I wish "anyone" made a SK ATF SP-III Fluid which is some kind of Diamond Class Fluid that only Redline has heard about,,all other Companies I contacted have not heard of this fluid yet
From Dragboat:
Geeze I wish "anyone" made a SK ATF SP-III Fluid which is some kind of Diamond Class Fluid....
Please tell me more??? As far as temps go, well less friction less heat [Roll Eyes] (Well no do-do, Pablo) I, too have seen significant (15-18°F) - ATF temp drops on fairly accurate temp. measurements (Calibrated Fluke and calibrated thermocouple) with OEM (GM) petro ATF vs. Syn ATF. But even these type of tests are not 100% scientific - what about ambient temps, drivers, route, etc... I would say that yes I can put my hand on my rear end with synthetic gear oil but with dino, it's hot! [Eek!] As for motor - could be a slight -delta, but I have no accurate measurements (how good is your engine temp gauge?) - Yeah I know I should have a super accurate oil temp gauge...
Dragboat, The Amsoil synthetic ATF specifically meets the Diamond SP, II and III specifications. If you have questions, I'd talk to Darren Wallace in their tech services department. He is probably their most knowledgable guy - I talk to him on a regular basis. Sorry I don't know anyone who is specifically using it in this application ....
OK differential - it wasn't my mind that thought of it the "wrong" way...I need to thermocouple a rear differential...through the vent hole and try different gear lubes...I'd like to do a wear metals analysis but I think it would lose validity as you went linearly through the lubes... EDIT=> Dragboat - On the Mitsu ATF - I missundertook the request. I thought you were looking for something above and beyond the factory requirement. As stated the Amsoil Uni. meets the factory fill...nothing hidden, on the website, etc. [ November 20, 2002, 12:17 PM: Message edited by: Pablo ]
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