In Honor of the Elves!

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Mar 3, 2005
Ft Worth, Republic of Texas
I apologize in advance if anyone has already thought of this before. I would like to suggest a special honoring of the Elves. I have already contacted all my friends, sent out hundreds of thousands of spam e-mails and wrote letters to my local newspapers. In honor of our friends and suppliers of our Sacred Green Elixir, we should all wear green tomorrow, March the 17th. I have commitments from thousands all around the country and I would like to ask my friends on this forum to do the same. ARE YOU WITH ME?
Your wish is my command.

B00SS, what you have proposed is most fitting and proper. This will not go unnoticed with the Lads of Luxurious and Lasting Lubrication...they don't overlook nor forget a kindess. You are to be commended.

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TOMORROW? How do you tell real elves from Leprechauns? Be a good day to stick to drinking green beer and not buy or change oil.
I must say this has gone quite well. I arrived at work today and quite a few people were wearing green. People that I didn't even know were GC people! This thing has really caught on.

Pscholte, I appreciate your approval especially. Since you have the connections with the little guys!
It's a great day for them; their leprechaun relations are in from the Green Isle and they are having a wonderful time! Happy St Patrick's Day to you all from me AND you know who.
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