In a record setting 9th (ninth) overtime, Illinois finally beats #7 Penn State, 20-18.

I felt bad for Penn State. There went their playoff chances. I really like their coach. Maybe he will take the USC or the LSU job. The Illinois coach is really good too though. If he can get some really good linemen to go there they will much better and will have chances to get to the Big Ten championship game. This was a really good football game to watch!!
As an Illini who lives in State College, PA about five miles from the PSU stadium , all I can say is.....Oskee Wow Wow!! Loved that game. I saw that someone predicted a score of 56-10 in favor of PSU. Boy, were they ever wrong!
PSU always plays to the level of their opponents. You could see when they came out of the tunnel in the beginning of the game they would not be in the game, Franklin is a terrible game day coach. He always has been Clifford was told not to run. He had many opportunities to do so. Granted he was coming off an injury, but why not run him. He will never be a pro and our season is now in the tank. Our second team should have been able to beat them.

But good on the Illini. They deserved to win against the "Mighty Lions" :rolleyes:
Wasn’t Penn State where that pedophile coach was from? Anybody remember that scandal and coverup from like 7-10 years ago? It was just as bad as what R. Kelly was doing.

It’s shameful what some organizations will do and tolerate to keep winning. They should make a Netflix movie about it.
When I first saw 9 OT it sounded epic - then I heard that they have a new (stupid IMO) rule that means after 2 OT the teams alternate 2-pt conversions - thus an "overtime" consists of two plays (one by each team).
The new OT rule stinks and the Big 10 is a dud too. This game epitomizes Big 10 football. 9 OT and still doesn’t hit the over.