Impressive amount of detail in Schaeffer's Posted Data Sheet

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Jul 11, 2003
This Supreme 7000 people have been talking about looks like very good stuff. #703 Data Sheet
I appreciate the amount of detail and test method references Schaeffer provides.

The main interface to their complete datasheet catalog is:

Schaeffer's Data Sheets List

It is nice that these are clean HTML pages and not the harder to grab from PDF files most companies seem to use.

Comparing Schaeffer's 7000 blend to the data sheets of Pennzoil and Chevron synthetic blends the Schaeffer's has better specs on each item the other two bother to list and then Schaeffer's goes on to publish many more specifications.

As an engineer I like a company which posts more extensive data sheet information.

Do any of the other lubricant companies post this kind of detail?

I may have to figure out how to put together a $250 order to get free shipping.

Hmmm, might be time to do some auto transmission flushes and stock up for the next three years worth of oil changes


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True but they probably won't get better. They'll change with the EPA standards that lately haven't been for the better. They'll find a way for to make Schaeffers perform at or near its current level regardless of EPA mandates and as long as what you buy now works better than other brands do in the near future, why not order a bunch if that's the only way to get a cheap, great proven product.
I've brought this up before, but it is IMPOSSIBLE for this oil to meet BOTH the A5 and A3 specs. The HT/HS requirement for A5 is 3.5. These are mutually exclusive, and if the posted HT/HS spec for this oil is accurate at 3.5, then it meets NEITHER A3 or A5.
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