iMac With Identity Crisis

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Sep 18, 2002
Was having a little trouble with one of my iMacs at church. The new High Sierra upgrade interfered with a software program (ProPresenter) we use. We just kept having to reinstall High Sierra until ProPresenter upgraded.

We have 2 iMacs. One is for Accounting and it is "Church on the Hill". The other is "Sanctuary" and it is used for video, songs, etc in the sanctuary. We also use a Time Machine for our wireless internet connection and ti back up of both iMacs. For some reason, what we now have is 2 "Church on the Hill" iMacs. The "Sanctuary" iMac has disappeared. How do we get it back?

It appears in the reinstalling High Sierra process, we have reinstalled from Time Machine the wrong machine. But when I go to Time Machine I can only find one disk to back up from and as far as know, nobody did that. To help muddy this mess, there have been 3 people trying to fix this problem so I probably don't have ALL the facts.
Have you tried contacting the software makers support or Apple support? has a lot of knowledgeable people.
It was backed up with the wrong Time Machine backup. This particular machine had never been backed up.

This iMac was too old (9 years) for support.

Just bought a new iMac. All is well. It was having problems with some of our new software.
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