I'm NOT picking on all Canadians.....

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Oct 28, 2002
Everson WA - Pacific NW USA
I have two companies. I sell a lot to Canada and have some REALLY GREAT Canadian customers. The BEST!! It's overall very worth it to sell internationally. I understand some companies just don't do international sales, but that would be a bad business decision, based purely on income. I've been out and out bilked 5 times. Not that bad given the total operating years of 11 plus 4. So maybe I just shouldn't be whining, but the odds thing really bugs me. Here's the gripe: ALL 5 times I've actually been ripped off it's been Canadians. What is up with that? Do Canadian scammers think they have special prey in the USA? I mean for SBP we ship all over the world. For Amsoil, just USA and Canada. The Amsoil one was in 2001 and was a big "I'm stupid" for me, which I lost out on. The others were credit card falsification - supposedly stolen - but not really and they start the chargeback nonsense. Oh "my kid used my charge card, wasn't me, etc". I love it when it's through regular CC merchant services. Very balanced and fair. Paypal is a whole different animal when someone uses a credit card. I've never won one of those. Anyway - just venting as I enter another battle.
I think people prefer to prey on people in another country. They think justice is further away is my guess. I've been straight-up ripped off twice on ebay both times by a different american. With a Canadian seller, I think or guess that if I was ripped off, I could call the local police a few provinces over and they would listen to me. Now as a Canadian calling the police in North Carolina, I don't think I would get very far. On the other hand, in reality, no police anywhere would help with this kind of petty fraud. Sorry this happened to you Pablo.
Got ripped off online by sellers in the UK, USA, and Canada...once from France. Thieves or in some cases apathetic people (which I guess makes them thieves in the end anyway if they don't bother sending what you paid for) exist equally in every country I guess.
I have done business with Canadian sellers for some years with NO problems. Some of them are a bit browned off by the fact that OUR Canadian hockey players are a bit better than THEIR hockey players. That would bother me. John--Las Vegas.
Ripping someone off from across an international border almost guarantees the offending party immunity. It is both expensive and infuriatingly treacherous to try to catch someone in another nation that wronged you over something so (internationally) trivial as a few hundred bucks. It seems like an unfortunate burden to bear in return for the opportunity to expand your market so widely. Ask Papa Bear here on these forums about selling extremely expensive Teddy bears to dubious parties in various parts of the world.
This is one of the bad benefits of the internet shrinking the size of the world. I wish lawmakers could figure out a way to make it easier to go after someone that rips of a seller from another country.
I notice scams from British addresses lately. They attached a virus to a paypal invoice and tried to clean me out. Paypal suspended all transactions but I still had to change bank account numbers. All in a hellish experience.
I have been ripped off by US sellers on eBay many times. And even by some of my US buyers who claimed never to have received the item I sent. After having read the OP post I would say that there are scum bags no matter where you live. Our perception is that those in other countries are worse I think. I think the rip off artists think they can hide behind the border as its more work to collect. Small amounts are easier to write off and the thief counts on the seller doing that.
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Just don't do any sales to Nigeria.
It's also easy enough to create a blacklist of countries on a web site for which transactions will simply not be processed. It's been a while since I've had to deal with it; but I'll bet that Googling (something to the effect of) "ecommerce country blacklist" ought to turn up a lot of information about which nations have the worst credit card validation policies and from which countries most scams are based.
lol, and remember santa does not give gifts to those who are bad, these guys are looking forward to a stocking full of coal but seriously as a canadian i am embarassed that my fellow citizens have ripped you off i have purchased many items from the USA and not one problem, just use paypal, if they rip you off you at least have some recourse the other option is to give me their email addresses, I have some nice viruses in my quaranteen folder , lol
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You are absolutely right, Pabs. I just got off the phone with the Chief of Police here and he indeed confirmed that we do have 5 naughty people in Canada.
crzy banana crackmeup I venture to say you guys have been ripped off by more than 5 'mercans.
No Santa for 'those' Canadians. A few years ago I got ripped off on a business deal in Indonesia. Maybe it is a resentment or entitlement issue, for me an indonesian family could live very well on $3000 per year.
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